Black Works Studio Hive 2021

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From James Brown, creator of Black Label Trading Company

“The Hive is an idea I’ve had for a few years now. The Killer Bee & Green Hornet lines are some of our most popular and over the years I’ve played with a lot of different ideas for both. Hive is a mix of some of my favorite Bee & Hornet samples that have yet to be released. For anyone that is a fan of the Killer Bee & Green Hornet, this is a must have!”

If you've smoked any cigar from BLTC then you know they're all about pushing boundaries and making bold statements. The Hive is no different. Sold as a box of 27, this set contains multiple unreleased variations of the Killer Bee and Green Hornet.

Cigar Count: 27


6 Green Hornet Lancero
3 Killer Bee Lancero
6 Killer Bee Connecticut Lancero
4 Green Hornet Perfecto
4 Killer Bee Perfecto
4 Kato Candela